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OJSC Kalugaglavsnab - the company with 50-year history.

The office, Azarovskaja Street,2The office, Azarovskaja Street,2

In the second half of the 50s of the 20th century the Council of National Economy was founded in Kaluzhskaya Oblast. During this period the warehouses and the management base of material and technical supply of the CNE were also formed.

The next level of material and technical supplying development of a district started from 1962 when the Priokskaya CNE with its headquarters in Tula appeared on the base of Tulskaya, Bryanskaya, Orlovskaya and Kaluzhskaya councils. Since 1965 the procurement of industrial and building companies in Kaluzhskaya oblast was realized by "Kalugasnab" office, which was reorganized in 1971 into the Universal Head Office of "Kalugasbit" products supply and sale of Prioksglavsnab.

Since 1988 - the main territorial head office Kalugaglavsnab of the USSR National Committee on procurement (the USSR State Logistics Committee).

The company supplied more than 400 enterprises and organizations of Kaluzhskaya oblast and received the procurement production from more than 1000 Russian and Foreign suppliers.

In 1990 JSC "Kalugaglavsnab" from the USSR State Logistics Committee got under the RSFSR National Committee's authority on procurement of republican and regional programs (the RSFSR National Committee procurement), later Mintorgresurs of Russia.

the decree № 721

According to the decree № 721 from the 1st of July, 1992 the state republican enterprise was reformed into the joint-stock company "Trading and intermediary company of Kaluga "Kalugaglavsnab".

Under the conditions of commercial relations the company managed to keep and strengthen its positions.

The office, Kirova Street,59The office, Kirova Street,59

In 1997 the company became more powerful, when it was headed by Samvel Karapetyan.

In 1999 OJSC "Kalugaglavsnab" became the leading founder of "Tashir Group Companies".

Tashir Group is the Russian holding, nowadays it unites more than 200 companies of different kind of business with over 30 thousand employees. Tashir group constructs and leads more than 60 projects of commercial, office, hotel and ware house properties with a total area of over 1 million 753 thousand square meters.

"Kalugaglavsnab" prospers and has its mission to realize complex delivery of goods and materials for Tashir Group Companies and the partners which conduct the building of gas and oil production system, its transportation and also eclectic power sector.

The strategic target of the company is to strengthen the leading positions among trading and intermediary companies on the basis of reliable delivery, adopting new markets, diversifying the production activity.

Since 2001 the company is a trademark owner